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Meredith James

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Graphic Design and University Honors


Graphic Design






This thesis project aims to create a website that’ll promote ways to lessen burnout symptoms and encourage taking efficient breaks in one’s daily routine. Burnout is a term formed in the 1970s to reflect the mental and physical toll employees experienced due to high amounts of stress brought up by the workplace. Since then the term burnout has expanded beyond the workplace and speaks directly to the experiences of graphic design students during the pandemic. Proper recovery from burnout is a crucial step, as neglecting care can lead to worsening conditions for the mind and body. By understanding the three major factors of the burnout experience, the varied symptoms of burnout, and methodologies towards preventing burnout, I’ve created comprehensible activities based upon these factors of burnout to bring practical methods towards addressing and overcoming the harsh symptoms brought about by burnout.


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