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Sue Aicher

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology and University Honors






Resveratrol -- Therapeutic use, Eye -- Surgery -- Complications, Eye -- Refractive errors -- Surgery




LASEK and PRK are common laser corrective eye procedures that aim to correct the refractive errors of the eye, although these procedures do carry the potential of post-operation complications of dry eye and symptoms of pain and photophobia as a result of corneal innervation damage. Resveratrol was tested on the surface of the cornea to see if the drug would be effective at attenuating post-corrective eye pain. Male and female rats underwent a unilateral corneal abrasion surgery that aimed to mimic the post-op symptoms of PRK. The rats either received the resveratrol drug treatment or a vehicle formulation. The Rat Grimace Scale was used to measure spontaneous pain by grading the severity of orbital tightening, where a higher orbital tightening score represents a higher value of pain. Results showed that there was no significant difference between resveratrol and the vehicle formulation on orbital tightening. There was however a differential response to resveratrol between males and females. Male orbital tightening scores were significantly higher than females, most apparent at 72 hours and 1-week post-abrasion. Histological analysis of the β‐Tubulin and CGRP in the cornea was also performed to examine the volume of corneal nerves and their peptide content. The histological assessment did not show a significant difference in β‐Tubulin and CGRP levels between the vehicle and resveratrol groups. The findings of this study does not provide support for the use of resveratrol as a post-corrective eye surgery therapeutic.


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