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Antonia Alvarez

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Social Work and University Honors


Social Work




Sex instruction -- Curricula -- Evaluation, Hispanic American high school students -- Education, Hispanic American sexual minorities -- Education




Sex education is contentious and inconsistent in the United States but it is extremely necessary to address the health needs of young people and the adults they become. This study aims to evaluate how well comprehensive sex education curricula attend to the needs of high school age LGBTQ+ Latinx students. The curricula Our Whole Lives (OWL) and FLASH were chosen for the study as established sex education curricula based on their assertions of being factual and comprehensive, and for their adaptability in different settings and locations. A content analysis was performed on both curricula. In addition, an analysis of OAR Rule 581-022-1440 was implemented used the Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis (IBPA) Framework. A literature review was conducted to contextualize the study and inform the analysis of the curricula and policy. LGBTQ+ Latinx youth have specific needs for safety in the classroom space, skills and information to navigate hostile systems, information that is accessible and culturally relevant, inclusive curriculum design, positive modeling, and support connecting with caregivers. OWL and FLASH, despite being accurate and comprehensive general curricula, are inconsistent in meeting these needs of their potential students. Both curricula have greater success with regards to gender and sexuality than with regards to culture, but in many instances revert to centering straight, cis gender, and White world views. Oregon policy requires inclusivity with regard to culture, gender, and sexual orientation, however there is room to interpret the policy in manners that primarily reinforce power structures especially of White American culture.


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