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Gabriel Urza

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Closed Thesis

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in English and University Honors






Creative writing, Rhetoric




Boy is a novel that has been in progress since November 2015, and for the past five years has evolved into something almost unrecognizable to its original version, affected not just by time and different drafting and planning strategies, but also by different pieces of fiction I have consumed over the years. At its core, however, it has always been about the same thing: a boy finding his place in a world much, much bigger than he is.

There are two parts to this thesis. The first of these parts pushes Boy into its next stage, moving from the second to the third draft. The second of these parts is an essay that details the above-described processes, including but not limited to: how Boy began and what the first draft looked like, the different planning strategies I’ve used for each draft, the approach I’ve had to editing, the effects NaNoWriMo has had on my writing process, and how consuming diverse pieces of media has influenced the story. At its conclusion, this accompaniment to Boy is essentially a glimpse into my experience as a writer, a testament to how much work goes into writing books, and commentary on how no creative piece can ever come from a void.


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