Consejos para la Cuarentena para Personas que Vienen de Pueblos Pequeños

Jane Eden Hartle, Portland State University

An undergraduate honors thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in University Honors and Social Work, Spanish and Sociology.


Introduction: Since the beginning of human history, some of the most significant events have been documented by regular people sharing their experiences. Before the invention of scientific analysis, or literary journals teaching the sequence of events through careful timelines, the memoir emerged as a novel and very human approach to the collection and presentation of empirical data.

Methods: This descriptive-analytical series of exophonic essays was based on qualitative data collected throughout a series of formative experiences during the 2020 COVID pandemic.

Results: Upon completion of these essays, this author found a commonality of experience and renewed connections with others despite the self-isolation mandated by a global shutdown.

Conclusion: This thesis portrays an intimate look into the life of a young woman during the COVID pandemic of 2020 through six personal essays. They tell a story of resilience, romance, recovery, loss, solitude, social change and new beginnings. Contrary to initial hypothesis, the studied timeframe was found to be one of the most formative years of the author’s life.