Date of Award


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Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology and University Honors



First Advisor

Tony Wolk


Creative writing -- Therapeutic use, Writing -- Psychological aspects, College students




For the past three decades, researchers have studied the effects of "emotional writing" or "expressive writing" as a therapy tool, finding positive results for a myriad of chronic as well as intermittent psychological, emotional, and physical health issues. My interest in these findings, along with my academic interests in psychology and creative writing and my own experience with writing as therapy, led me to wonder if incorporating "expressive writing" techniques in a college setting would be beneficial. The few focused studies that have been done indeed show that it can be and my thesis aims to address a need for further research and experimentation with expressive writing in a university setting. My short story serves as an example of what the expressive writing process can produce when channeled and developed through a creative writing lens and my lesson plan as an example of the process’ broader, academic application. Combined, I believe they are the first steps toward helping other students find their clarity.

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