First Advisor

Richard Beyler

Date of Award

Winter 3-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Arts and Letters and University Honors


Arts & Letters




Technology -- Philosophy, Mineral industries




A certain ethics of technology has begun appearing in "extractivismo/extractivism" discourses concerning resource extraction in relation to the greater socio-ecological emergency in order to describe a critique of, inter alia, prevalent conceptions of, and efforts to promote and expand, "sustainable development" and the "renewable energy transition." This thesis reviews political ecology literature concerning various conceptualizations of extractivism, highlighting the critical concept of total extractivism; it focuses on the relatively divergent intellectual resources of technopessimism and green anarchism that converged in the late-twentieth century, revealing another strand of influence coming from interactions with Indigenous peoples--all of which inform the total extractivism concept and discourse. The Detroit-based publishing collective, Fifth Estate, and one its prominent members, Fredy Perlman, are taken as representative of this confluence. This thesis argues for the expanded engagement and incorporation of these critical strands of thought and orientations into not only the wider discourse on extractivism, and not only the fields of philosophy of technology and political ecology, but the greater discussion on the ongoing socio-ecological emergency, as models of analyses and critique.


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