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Michael Christopher

Date of Award

Spring 6-2023

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology and University Honors






Allyship, Cancel culture, Social justice, J. K. Rowling -- Political and social views




In this literature review, the author investigated the potential motivations and consequences of performative allyship. Performative Allyship can be characterized as a social status in which one exhibits a feigned display of support for known causes and social movements. The main issue surrounding performative allyship is the possible negative impact that it has on disadvantaged group members. Furthermore, researchers have encountered challenges in rendering the motivation behind allyship behaviors, with the current landscape and social environment. With the rise in cancel culture, fear of seeming prejudiced in a social circumstance may be attributed to individuals acting in allyship behaviors. Cancel culture can be defined as a collective movement that penalizes individuals who question socially accepted norms. The cancellation of famous author J.K Rowling is examined, as well as specific correlations between cancel culture and performance allyship. There are various gaps within the literature surrounding performance allyship. Future research may look into constructing a performance allyship measure as well as examining how to leverage social conformity or look at when it is useful versus when it is being utilized for one's own personal gain.


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