First Advisor

Jessica Rodriguez-Jenkins

Date of Award

Spring 6-18-2023

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Social Science and University Honors


Social Science




Menstrual products, Low-income students, Health services accessibility




Period poverty is an issue that impacts menstruators globally. This creates a significant health disparity for menstruators, including difficulties accessing menstrual products, inadequate menstrual and puberty health education, and shame and stigma that come from societal misunderstandings and misinformation regarding menstruation. This paper examines the effects of period poverty on low-income adolescents in the United States. It looks at the current literature that addresses how the financial and accessibility barriers that cause period poverty, as well as how these causes impact school-aged menstruators. It aims to address the role that schools play in creating safe environments for menstruators, including staff advocacy and menstrual understanding training and distribution of free or affordable menstrual products in schools in a safe and gender-affirming manner. This paper concludes by looking at current legislation on menstruation in schools, including Florida House Bill 1069, which looks to ban discussion of menstruation and reproduction in elementary schools, and Oregon’s Menstrual Dignity Act, which aims to provide students with access to menstrual products and encourage staff education on menstruation.


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