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Harry Anastasiou

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Winter 3-1-2023

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Conflict Resolution and University Honors


Conflict Resolution




Nationalism, Christianity, US Religion, January 6, Unite the Right rally, Ethnicity




Christian nationalism has broken into the American news cycle over the last few years through its connection to former President Donald Trump, and it's closely associated with violent events like the January 6th insurrection and the Charlottesville, VA, Unite the Right rally. However, its close association with Trump and depiction in a 24-hour news cycle makes defining what Christian nationalism is--and is not--difficult for those unfamiliar with nationalism and the broader American Christian tradition. This paper hopes to briefly explore what Christain nationalism is within the United States through an exploration of nationalism itself and a discussion of nationalist and non-nationalist American Christianity more broadly. The end of the essay looks at how Christian nationalism arguments on specific issues are normalized and adopted more broadly among Christians and how non-Nationalist Christian narratives might be used to blunt the harm they can inflict on minority populations.


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