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Jennifer Perlmutter

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Spring 6-15-2023

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in World Languages & Literatures: French and University Honors


World Languages and Literatures




Fairy tales -- France -- Authorship, Children's stories, French, Siblings -- Fiction, Fairies -- Fiction




Le Chemin détourné is an original fairy tale in French about Melisende and Olivier Fournier. One day, Melisende disappears on her way home. Although her disappearance is a mystery, she was taken prisoner by the fairies as revenge against her mother. Her father Jehan and brother Olivier are very distressed, Jehan goes out after her immediately but, worried about Olivier’s safety, asks him not to go out after his sister. On the third night that she is gone, Olivier decides to go out to look for her anyways, and even though he is terrified to leave home, he sets out on his quest with the help of his bunny friend Henri. Olivier and Henri visit the cemetery, an abandoned fortress on top of a mountain, and eventually the entrance to le Royaume des Fées. Olivier enters on his own, which later leads to Olivier and Melisende realizing that they are the only people able to enter le Royaume des Fées and that they are half fairy. Upon his arrival, Olivier and Melisende learn about their mother’s past as a knight in the fairy court, and how she was best friends with another knight, Isabeau Dufort. Olivier is also captured, but he is reunited with Melisende and they work together to escape le Royaume des Fées. Once the truth is revealed, Isabeau Dufort helps Melisende, Olivier and Henri escape from the fairy king Auberi de Forêt. The story resolves when Melisende, Olivier and Henri return home and Melisende and Olivier are reunited with their father.

The story is followed by a reflective essay.


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The fairy tale is written in French, and the reflective essay is written in English.

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