First Advisor

Eric Mankowski

Date of Award

Spring 6-18-2023

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology and University Honors






Men -- Mental health -- United States, Violence in men -- United States, Masculinity -- United States, Hegemony -- United States, Sex role -- United States




Research on the impact of masculinity and gender norms on men's mental health in the United States of America falls into 5 main categories: men and mental health resources, men and guns, men and suicide, men and domestic abuse, and men and sexual assault victimhood. All of the facets tie into the impact of hegemonic masculinity on men's mental health, and the consequences that come with it. Some of those consequences include the cyclical theme of violence among men and lack of emotional wellbeing. In the United States of America, masculine gender norms play a significant role in how our society functions, and how men function within it. In this literature review I will reflect upon and address men's mental health in the United States of America, and how hegemonic masculinity and gender norms impact their mental health by engaging the psychology discourse community scholarship and advocating a necessity for more research, awareness, and change.


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