First Advisor

David Kinsella

Date of Award

Spring 6-15-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Urban and Public Affairs and University Honors


International and Global Studies




Modern Slavery, Gender Injustice, Climate Change, neoliberalism, Degrowth economics


Neoliberal ideologies and economics are based on the concept of endless economic growth. This growth is sustained through the use of market domination and the exploitation of the vulnerable and their resources. As pressures of economic growth place priority on industry over human and environmental health, our world faces dire consequences for its corrupt relational values. This research demonstrates the link between modern slavery, the environment-climate crisis, and gender injustice in three separate case studies of modern enslavement in transnational corporate supply chains. Through the use of ecofeminist theory, modern systems of domination and their internalizations are used as a framework to assess the contradictions in policy implementation and legal application, and the normalization of predatorial ontologies. Degrowth ecological economics are given as a transitional answer to addressing these issues, as well-being must become prioritized over profit in order to solve the crises we collectively face.


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