First Advisor

Erik Sánchez

Date of Award

Winter 3-22-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physics and University Honors






Spectroscopic, e-beam, evaporator, Physical Vapor Deposition, coating


Spectroscopic end point detection is a common tool used for measuring slope changes in wavelength intensity. Using algorithms able to apply this concept, coatings will be able to be dynamically measured in real time and stopped at the appropriate level to ensure process uniformity. It is currently applied to reductive processes such as etching, where the surface will start to be eaten away, creating a plasma. When the entire amount of a material on a substrate has been eaten away, the plasma will change color as it is beginning to etch a different material. Using a spectrometer, this point where the plasma changes color can be found, and the process stopped. This paper explores an analysis of its application in additive coating processes, specifically with an Electron Beam Evaporator (E-beam). Herein, an analysis of the subsystems required for an E-Beam to operate successfully are provided as well as discussions for how the concept of spectroscopic end point detection can be added to a functioning E-beam or any coating system.

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