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Theater Arts

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Karin Magaldi


Fiction -- Technique, Motion picture plays -- Technique




Writers write in many forms and, while most specialize in one form or another, there are those that move back and forth through multiple formats. Screenwriters are a special breed who are expected to write new material, adaptations and specs. As a screenwriter the pressure is on being able to write in someone else’s voice while still expressing your own. Unfortunately, the process of adaptation is a cloudy one. It is expected that a writer can alternate between forms by nature and not through education. The purpose of this thesis is to approach the adaptation process through a combination of experience and research in an effort to clarify this process.

For this thesis I have undertaken the process of adaptation by translating a story idea into both a novel and screenplay. The story of Spellbound centers on a detective in a steampunk universe who is capable of using magic and is attempting to solve the murder of her sister. It presents fantasy themes and emotional conflict that were challenging to convey in each format. The result is an understanding of techniques used by both novelists and screenwriters to adapt an idea into multiple formats.


An undergraduate honors thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in University Honors and Film

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