First Advisor

Dr. Brandon Reich

Date of Award

Spring 5-27-2024

Document Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business: Marketing and University Honors






Nostalgia Marketing, Advertising, Why is Nostalgia Marketing Effective, Who is Prone to Nostalgia Marketing


Nostalgia is a longstanding yet evolving concept in marketing, employed to evoke sentimental longing for the past. It is a complex emotion that can invoke warmth, happiness, sadness, and melancholy, and can be directed towards both personal memories and imaginative pasts—times and places that one has never experienced. This dual nature of nostalgia, categorized into personal and imaginative nostalgia, offers a powerful emotional appeal that marketers leverage to influence consumer behavior. Since the 1950s, the use of nostalgia in marketing has increased significantly, allowing brands to forge deep emotional connections with consumers. Despite its prevalent use, research on nostalgia's impact on consumer behavior remains fragmented and limited. This paper addresses this gap by conducting an integrative review of existing literature on nostalgia in marketing and advertising. It aims to provide a strategic framework for marketers, exploring the key questions of who, what, when, how, and why nostalgia should be used in marketing communications. By synthesizing diverse studies, this new framework offers actionable insights and guidance, enabling marketers to effectively employ nostalgia in their campaigns and create stronger consumer connections.