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Dan DeWeese

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Geography and University Honors




Geography -- Fiction




The preface, "Dualism and Narrative Mode," details the development of realist techniques and then looks to current research to address the question, "In what other ways can realism be maximized within fiction?" It proposes a style combining second-person imperative narration for the viewpoint character’s actions and third-person free indirect discourse for description and internalization.

The introduction, "The Geography of the Future," explores prediction within select literary works, explains mitigation reactions to such predictions, and details current geographical projections to build a picture of what the future will look like and how humans will interact with their environment.

Escaping Cascadia is a novel written in the style proposed by the preface, with the intent to maximize psychological realism and reader immersion, and to minimize the voice of a narrator and the reader’s awareness of an author. The story takes place within a world informed by the geographical exploration in the introduction.


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