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A.B. Paulson

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English and University Honors




Beauty operators -- Fiction, Beauty shops -- Fiction




When Rose City Salon moves to a downtown location, owner Jillian struggles to create greater success. Her team of beauticians each has exceptional talent, but by some are considered freaks. Jillian’s husband Fred, and his business partner Jack are rich elitists who make their money with hostile take-overs of other people’s businesses. When Jack becomes romantically involved with one of Jillian’s freaks, Abilene, he keeps it a secret—for a long time.

Jillian works the salon into thee place to go for beauty. After Fred divorces Jillian, Abilene talks Jack into taking over Rose City Salon and giving it to her to manage, then connives him out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Alda is the son and would-be heir of a business Jack and Fred extorted from his father. Through a mutual friend Jillian and Alda meet then plot their revenge.

Rose City Salon is a novel exploring the challenges of embracing cultural diversity. It is set in Portland, Oregon. It is about 43,450 words. Those who believe in equality and reject prejudices against race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender will appreciate the theme and enjoy the characters and plots of Rose City Salon.


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