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Business Administration

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Melissa Shaquid Pirie Cross


Leadership, Trust, Industrial management, Organizational effectiveness, Work environment, Industrial psychology




Management styles affect the overall performance of employees and the growth of a business. Intertwined with leadership are the concepts of trust and credibility in relation to the success of a business and the satisfaction of employees and customers. A leader’s ability to adapt their management style to forecast changes in their industry strengthens their command of the business, and can establish trust. The overall challenge of transparency is that it is multifaceted. Trust from employees to leadership, trust from leadership to employees and trust from consumer to business all play a large role in establishing honest business practices. Through an in depth literature review, I have explored the importance of trust in the workplace. Aspects such as growth and employees satisfaction were identified as supporting concepts. The results show a strong correlation between trust, encouragement and growth of employees when evaluating over leadership success.


An undergraduate honors thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in University Honors and Business Administration.

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