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Leopoldo Rodriguez

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International & Global Studies: Latin America and University Honors


International and Global Studies


Peruvian cooking -- History, Peru -- Social life and customs




Dating back 20,000 years ago, a majority Peru’s cuisine consisted of potatoes and legumes, native plants, and grains. Over time, Peru’s cuisine evolved through the fusion of indigenous Peruvian cultures, Spanish colonization, Arab/Moorish influences, the arrival of slaves from Africa, and Japanese and Chinese immigrants. This historical integration led to a unique food cultures and cuisines including "Creole", "Nikkei" and "Chifa". This thesis reviews the agricultural practices, culinary techniques, and melding of foods that gave birth to what we now know as Peruvian cuisine. As examples of this amalgamation, I have chosen six recipes for analysis – Pisco Sour, Ceviche, Pachamanca, Aji de Gallina, Chaufa, and Cuy, to show how historical and cultural elements give rise the flavors of Peruvian cuisine.


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