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Jack C. Straton

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physics and University Honors




Symmetry (Physics) -- Mathematical models, Quantum theory, Antimatter -- Analysis




Symmetries are an important area of study in physics, fundamental to the understanding of all aspects of Nature including the beginning and formation of the Universe, and how it appears to us today. While current quantum theories and experiments observe that CPT (Charge Conjugation, Parity, and Time Reversal) symmetry is conserved, there are speculations that this may not be the case with matter and antimatter and could provide answers as to why such a large asymmetry (also known as baryogenesis) exists between the two with normal matter completely dominating the observable Universe. Key to studying antimatter is the ability to properly capture it in low enough energy states where accurate experiments can be conducted. To assist with experimentalists' efforts at CERN to confine antihydrogen, calculations have determined the probabilities for producing antihydrogen ions by the most efficient means that can be used to ultra-cool antihydrogen (mK-range), and allow detailed study.


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