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Applied Linguistics

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Cristine Paschild


Charles M. White Americanism Collection, Conservatism -- United States -- History -- Sources, Young Americans for Freedom -- History




The goal of the “Conservatism in a Revolutionary Era” project was to develop an exhibit of certain Americanism documents while exploring the challenges of exhibit-making with regard to the political nature of the Collection. Exhibit-making involves the study, curation, description, and display of archives for public consumption, and this paper will include reflections on my experiences in each phase of that process. Firstly, I will introduce the Collection and the Young Americans for Freedom organization which I centered in the exhibit. Secondly, I will address why I chose this project and how I arrived at the current juncture. Thirdly, I will lay out the intellectual framework of the project by introducing secondary source material (from both archive science and linguistics discourse communities) which inspired my thinking. Fourthly, I will give a brief description of the method by which I developed the exhibit. Finally, I will synthesize the project by applying my commentary to the secondary sources and delving deeper into my experiences through a reflective discussion.


An undergraduate Honors thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in University Honors And Applied Linguistics..

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