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David A. Horowitz

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in History and University Honors




Radicalism -- United States -- History, Social reformers -- United States, United States -- Social conditions, Socialism -- United States -- History




Why is there no socialism in the United States? This question has plagued radicals and scholars alike for over a hundred years, and various responses are beyond count. However, less attention has been paid to what asking the Question actually means. A chronological study of the various attempts to answer it reveals far more than a history of radicalism. As the Question has been passed from Marxists, to Socialists, to Progressives, to Communists, to Consensus oriented social scientists to the New Left, to Cultural scholars, to Neoconservatives, and up to today, each generation of scholars, commentators and activists has tackled the Question in response to the specific interests and needs of that group. The different answers reflect the experience of each generation and help us to understand that generation’s relation to broader forces in society, and the history of the United States.


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