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Elisabeth Charman

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Graphic Design and University Honors




Cosmetics, Formulas recipes etc, Herbal cosmetics




In the past five years, there has been increasing demand for organic consumables in the United States every year by mainstream culture. Also, with the prevalence of the Internet, people can find resources to make almost anything. Do-it-yourself culture is huge. The marriage of these two facts allowed me to explore my thesis topic.

The goal of my thesis project was to create a book of recipes for all-natural cosmetics, similar to a cookbook. I engaged in lots of research and experimentation to create my own recipes. I used modern layout with a humanist typeface and brush-script to emphasize the process of creating something from scratch. I used all my own photography of products I actually created. These were laid out as full-bleed images. The square format of the book and treatment of the images, as well as the presence of lots of negative space serve to reiterate the natural and simple nature of these recipes.


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