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Melissa Thompson

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sociology and University Honors




Juvenile delinquents -- Social conditions, Neighborhoods -- Social aspects, Parent and child




In this work, we tried to gain a further understanding of the relationship between neighborhood factors, parenting behaviors, and peer relations and how these interactions influence the behavior of youth. We wanted to see if these influences affect the likelihood of delinquency in adolescents. We based our work on previous research conducted in the study of “Relations Between Neighborhood Factors, Parenting Behaviors, Peer Deviance, and Delinquency Among Serious Juvenile Offenders” by He Len Chung and Laurence Steinburg. We collected our data for our research from the National Longitudinal Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

We found that there was an influence amongst studied variables on the delinquent behavior of adolescents. There was a strong correlation amongst neighborhood factors and parenting behavior leading to delinquent behavior, however, there was a weaker connection between peer relations being a factor for antisocial behavior. These findings lead us to assume that future research is required.


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