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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology and University Honors



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Donald Truxillo


Automobile driving -- Psychology, Personality and motivation, Automobile drivers -- Training of, Automobile drivers -- Environmental aspects




Eco-driving is an environmentally-conscious way of operating a vehicle that decreases fuel emissions and increases safety. The present study analyzed the relationship of proactive personality with 1) eco-driving training transfer and 2) spillover to home driving behaviors, along with the moderating effects of motivation. After an eco-driving information campaign was implemented at three public sector organizations, web-based surveys were administered to light-duty fleet drivers at three time points over the span of 6 months. Results based on hierarchical multiple regression models demonstrated the effect of proactive personality on Time 3 eco-driving behaviors was moderated by Time 1 motivation, such that those high in both factors demonstrated the highest levels of training transfer. Conversely, the findings revealed a negative relationship between proactive personality and Time 3 spillover. Additional analysis revealed that the effect of proactive personality on Time 3 spillover was moderated by Time 3 motivation; however, the lowest levels of spillover were reported by those with low motivation and high proactive personality. Together, these findings provide important insight for the promotion and development of eco-driving behaviors within organizations.

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