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Celestia Caredio

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Graphic Design and University Honors




National characteristics, American -- Public opinion -- Case studies, Zines, Identity (Psychology) -- Argentina, Identity (Psychology) -- United States, Americans, American national characteristics in art, Identity politics




This study inspects the perceptions of people about their identity as it relates to their country of origin. Argentina and the United States of America are the countries being viewed. The research discusses how anthropologists have viewed peoples’ relationships in the United States and Argentina, with their government and country. To test out these claims booklets were sent to small sample sizes in the United States of America and Argentina. Participants were asked to fill out the booklets through drawings. This sought to support that illustration is a valuable and valid form of data collection. The data then was compiled into a small magazine, or zine, and distributed as a conversation starter to zine libraries in the United States of America and Argentina. These approachable publications will help to communicate the opinions of Americans from the United States of America and Argentina on the topic of being American. They will also serve as a tool to open the conversation of using the word “American” with a higher sensitivity and awareness.


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