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Angela Coventry

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology and University Honors




Neoliberalism -- Psychological aspects




The goal of this thesis was to examine how neoliberalism has impacted psychological practice. A literature review was conducted to identify intradisciplinary research published focusing on neoliberalism in relation to psychology. The identified literature emerged primarily among four subdisciplines of psychology including positive, developmental, educational, and social psychology. Two themes originated throughout the entirety of the subdisciplines research within the literature review: 1) how neoliberalism has interacted within the development of psychological subdisciplines or their psychological theories and practices 2) how the resulting impacts of these interactions are reformulating our personhood. It is concluded that psychologists within these four major subdisciplines are perpetuating the dissemination of neoliberal governmentality resulting in practical, ethical, and ontological implications of neoliberalism’s impacted on psychological practices. Two potentially influential factors contributing to neoliberalism’s impact on psychology are offered. The first being an outdated epistemological framework built to ignore moral and political debates in the name of forging value neutral credibility under the guise of scientific objectivity. The second is a difficulty surrounding what kind of phenomenon the term neoliberalism refers to resulting in an equally difficult issue to discuss its psychological correlates and consequences.


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