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Erin Spottswood

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Communication Studies and University Honors




Attachment behavior, Perception, Online social networks, Facebook (Electronic resource)




Three different attachment styles from previous research were examined in a closer context to see if they were predictive of hyperperceptions in romantic relationships while using social networking sites (SNS). The hyperperception model, a new communication concept, focuses on the over-attribution of others' relationships based on brief observations through SNS usage. Undergraduate communication students recruited from the Pacific North West and another university in the Midwest, with an active Facebook account, were sampled for this research. Participants responded to survey questions designed to test if hyperperceptions occurred in their romantic relationship from observations they made on SNSs. The participants' partners also needed an active Facebook account in order for the participant to take part in the study. Data analysis revealed that the participant attachment style did play a role in the development of hyperperceptions from their own observations on SNSs regarding their partner's relationship with others. Together, these findings suggest that the relationship between attachment style and hyperperceptions have reason to be explored further. These findings also suggest that attachment style may impact one’s own perceptions surrounding relationships that they see on SNS platforms.


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