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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Film and University Honors


Theater Arts

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Karin Magaldi


Motion pictures -- Semiotics, Motion pictures -- Aesthetics, Social constructionism




Semiotics is the study of signs and how they produce meaning in society. How can the lens of semiotics (specifically the components and the relationship between the signifier and the signified) reform the audience and performer systems? This thesis serves as an examination of the relationship between the audience and performer, how each play a part in creating meaning within a given performance piece. This project provides a method on how to rebuild the world of the film to enhance a theme. The primary evidence consists of statistics gathered from a viewing of a staged reading that was written specifically for this experiment, “The Talk” (Tom). Because this reading will be done in four different variations, with the dialogue of the piece unchanged the relationship between the audiences and then changed performer system is then examined through the lens of Directing Postmodern Theatre (Whitemore) and film theorists like Christian Metz. Ultimately creating a better understanding between the audience and the performer, and how this understanding can be best utilized to enhance the meaning.

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Survey.xlsx (10 kB)
Survey Results from Staged Reading

The Talk_poster.pdf (183 kB)
Poster Created by Sierra Randolph to advertise staged reading

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