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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Administration: Marketing and University Honors


Business Administration

First Advisor

Jacob Suher


Logos (Symbols) -- Design, Shapes -- Psychological aspects, Branding (Marketing)




Brand logos are a critical element of brand image equity in the process of visually conveying brand values to a consumer base. While previous studies have discussed logo design elements like color, typography, and complexity on their ability to convey brand attributes - little research has been done on logo shape. This study examines the relationship between brand logo shape - that of the geometric outline of a logo - and the concept of brand personality. To accomplish this, stimuli was created and presented via survey to test if consumers could recognize brand personality factors from a series of designed geometric brand logos in order to find distinct relationships between brand personality factors and individual geometric shapes. While the results were inconclusive on this proposed relationship overall, this study mainly supported previous marketing literature on brand logo angularity vs. roundness on brand personality factors of excitement and ruggedness.

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