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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Environmental Science and University Honors


Environmental Science

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Sue Beilke


Western painted turtle -- Oregon -- Reproduction, Western pond turtle -- Oregon -- Reproduction, Red-eared slider -- Oregon -- Reproduction, Wildlife conservation -- Oregon, Turtles -- Oregon -- Geographic distribution




In June and July 2018, I, in collaboration with the Audubon Society volunteers, City park managers, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, conducted turtle nesting surveys at three known nesting sites in the Park in order to discern the effects of recreational park use on turtle nesting success, and turtle nesting behavior. This study was conducted to aid the City in their development of a ten-year habitat management plan, as well as inform and contribute to their overarching conservation and restoration efforts by the City. We observed two nesting attempts with one being successful, eleven attempted nests, and three predated nests. Other than the two observed attempts, we don’t know the species association with any of the other nest types, or if they can be associated with particular females, which may make multiple nesting attempts.

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