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David Caughlin

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business: Human Resources Management and University Honors






Work environment -- Political aspects, Organizational behavior -- Management, Interpersonal conflict -- Political aspects




In an age of targeted rhetoric and extreme polarization, the political has trespassed into the personal. As a result of this obtrusive integration, disagreements in the workplace are on the rise. Friction caused by inter-employee political diversity has been shown to cause several harmful organizational outcomes including job dissatisfaction, turnover, burnout, and psychological distress. Although this issue is common and harmful, few studies have been published on the subject. In this literature review, I attempt to contribute to the scholarly knowledge on this under-researched concept of workplace political diversity by employing a multidisciplinary approach. To illustrate the components of this issue and provide structural elements for a future theoretical review, I synthesize knowledge from political science, psychology, diversity, inclusion, and workplace mistreatment studies. Using a political identity conceptual framework, I propose the concept of political identity diversity, explain its connection to workplace incivility, and share how organizations can employ diversity management and inclusion strategies to mitigate this process. Finally, I discuss findings, limitations, and directions for future research associated with this review.


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