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Kim H. Brown

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology and University Honors






Zebra danio -- Genetics, Phenotype, Fins (Anatomy)




The TL strain of zebrafish (Danio rerio) originated from the TU strain, and differs in fin pattern with a phenotype predominated by increased fin length. Two genes are known to affect the phenotype: leo and lof. The pattern-affecting leo gene is not believed to affect the growth rate, development, or proportionality of the body. The lof gene does however result in significant increase in fin length compared to the wild-type phenotype of TU. Using populations from both TL and TU genetic strains, development was observed from 48 hours post fertilization through sexual maturity at 90 days post fertilization (dpf) (n=100). Results found isometric growth up until 60 dpf, when significant hyperallometric growth in the fins began, resulting in roughly one and a half times the length observed in the TU population for both anal and caudal fins (ɑ = 1.55, ɑ = 1.63). Similar ratios were observed for width (ɑ = 1.38, ɑ = 1.31), with length accounting for 84% of overall variance. No significant difference in body shape was found.


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