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Alison Heryer

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Art History and University Honors


Art History




Cultural property -- Social aspects, Cultural appropriation -- Moral and ethical aspects, Artistic collaboration, Minorities in art




Cultural Appropriation is a phenomenon that has taken part of the art world for generations. Though there are discussions within many fields about this, a sense of combativeness remains. The idea of US vs. THEM has been an issue since racial inequality has taken part in our country. Thus, how can one approach such a deep-seeded and extremely sensitive subject in a constructive way?

Through research and active participation in cultural education, artists and historians can better come to understand how cultural appropriation takes the stage from minorities whilst keeping them oppressed. This study aims to present the communities of art history and art practice with solutions on how to approach the subject of culture and race in a respectful manner. Through extensive research on the countries of South Korea, Mexico, and the United States, the Hybrid Cultures collection presents the audience with works created through collaboration of cultures, as well as an expansive background on how such was approached and done.


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