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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Child and Family Studies and University Honors


Child and Family Studies

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Ben Anderson-Nathe


Gender identity -- Study and teaching, Gender identity -- Curricula, Homosexuality and education, Gender identity in education




GLSEN states that 43.9% of students felt unsafe in school to express their preferred gender in the year 2011. This lack of safety can be attributed to a variety of factors including peer harassment, harassment by teachers or staff, lack of support or resources, unintentionally offensive language in the classroom, and lack of gender variety in historical figures and role models. The first part of this project is an original gender-complex curriculum aimed at creating a safer space inside the classroom for elementary aged students who may identify or express as gender variant by encouraging these, and other supportive behaviors by both staff and students. This curriculum is modeled after several successful sexuality and gender education curricula (such as FLASH,Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and Lesson Plans for Building Allies of GLBTQ Youth) and will include activities to increase the awareness of gender and issues surrounding gender. The curriculum will also include a four-week schedule with instructions for conducting these activities in the classroom. The second part of this project is a manual for how to implement the curriculum in the classroom, specifically for use by an educational professional. This will include a background and introduction to various gender related issues and a glossary of terms to help assist the professional in understanding why this curriculum is important.

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