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Kerri Winters-Stone

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Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Public Health Studies: Pre-clinical Health Science and University Honors


Health Studies




Broadband communication systems -- Reliability, Cancer -- Patients -- Rehabilitation -- Evaluation, Computer conferencing -- Computer programs – Reliability, Cisco Systems, Inc, COVID-19 (Disease)




The GET FIT Prostate and Exercising Together trials conducted by Dr. Kerri Winters-Stone incorporate exercise intervention for cancer survivors during or after completing their therapy. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the laboratory assessment of both studies was conducted in-person. However, the transition to remote assessment was required due to the safety precautions of COVID-19. Protocol outcomes for administering tests like the short physical performance battery (sPPB), which includes the 4m usual walk (4MW; m/s), chair stands (CS; sec), and standing balance measurements, were completed via a video conferencing interface called Cisco Webex.

Transitioning to remote testing determined the validity of remote data collection, correlation R-values, and inter and intra-reliability testing. A mock trial visit was also conducted to explore technology-related sources of error, to determine if differences in our data collection are most likely attributed to remote-testing considerations (connectivity, bandwidth speed, audio/video quality). While preliminary analyses of intra-rater reliability testing were very strong, inter-rater reliability was slightly less favorable.

Further analysis suggests remote testing using a video conferencing interface like Webex likely affects the data's reliability. Figures representing audio/video quality during the mock trial showed weak connection indicators. Transitioning to a remote testing protocol was not an anticipated adjustment, although it proved feasible and reliable within the same tester and could open the doors for others and the broader telemedicine community.


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Special thanks to my advisors and support from my research team:

Dr. Kerri Winters-Stone

Cassie Boisvert

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