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Homelessness -- Oregon -- Portland, Food security -- Social aspects -- Case Studies


This report presents findings from Portland State University’s first housing and food insecurity survey of students and employees. It was conducted by The Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative (HRAC), a center formed to help address homelessness and its negative impact on individuals, families, and communities, with an emphasis on communities of color. Reducing homelessness in the PSU community was one of the foundational goals of the center, and this survey is an important step in that work.

This report examines the rates of housing insecurity, homelessness, and food insecurity among students and employees disaggregated by race and additional factors to shed light on the most vulnerable members of our community. We also explored employment and financial situation, types of assistance received (e.g., SNAP benefits, Medicaid, food pantry use), health (e.g., sleep and stress), and social connectedness. Due to the unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and its widespread impacts, we also conducted a follow-up survey of 166 vulnerable students in order to understand how the pandemic impacted their basic needs security, academic performance, finances, and various aspects of their health and well-being.


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