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Spring 2004


Geographic information systems

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Prepared by Portland State University Senior Capstone Students


The purpose of this capstone project was to explore citizen participation training efforts from a variety of perspectives in the Portland metropolitan region. The service are of those efforts were mapped against the efforts are intended to serve. In addition, this information was assed in relationship to neighborhoods in the region where there is known to be significant citizen participation and neighborhoods that are less active. To bring this data together we used Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to combine and map the information gathered. Simply put, a GIS combines layers of information about a place to give you a better understanding of that place. What layers of information you combine depends on your purpose— finding the best location for a new store, analyzing environmental damage, viewing similar crimes in a city to detect a pattern, and so on.


Senior Capstone Instructor: Meg Merrick, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University.

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