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Geographic information systems


The SOMA tree inventory project was taken on by a group of fourteen students as a senior capstone at Portland State University, in September of 2015. Many of us came to this class with GiS background, however, there are others representing the diverse collection of studies offered at PSU, such as film, communication, and general sciences. Capstone courses are PSU’s requirement for all seniors that allow each student to take part in helping those in the surrounding community, by providing a benefit to organizations in need of a large group of volunteers. Our capstone course was designed to impart the importance of street tree conservation by recording and cataloging the trees in downtown Portland surrounding the university. The information collected will provide a platform for the Instute of Sustainable Solutions to work with in their endeavors to improve the canopy, air quality, and reduce energy costs in the city of Portland.


Senior Capstone Instructor(s); Meg Merrick and Mark Armstrong, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University.

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