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This project was undertaken by Portland State University Senior Capstone Students in cooperation with the Rose Community Development Corporation and Leander Court. The Rose Community Development Corporation sponsored a group of Leander Court residents and youth in a photovoice project that sought to empower community members to take action to improve their individual, family and community health. The Portland State University Capstone project partnered with Rose CDC in order to provide a relevant and measurable spatial context for the photovoice project using the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Healthy Development Measurement Tool and the Pedestrian Environmental Quality Survey. The capstone project targeted a 1-mile area surrounding Leander Court (at SE Holgate and 122nd Avenue). The data collected included business information, targeting food providers and business with liquor licenses, location of vacant land and buildings, information on school enrollment and school bus stops, crime statistics, and community assets, including the neighborhood association and other organizations working in the area. Teams also conducted a comprehensive pedestrian quality survey in an area about 1/2-mile in radius from Leander Court. Approximately 21 miles of street segments were included in the survey. Information collected included intersection safety features (traffic lights and crosswalks), sidewalk conditions, street lighting, presence of graffiti and litter, and speed limits. "Taking action to improve individual, family and community health".


Senior Capstone Instructor(s): Meg Merrick and Diane Besser.

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