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Geographic information systems


In May of 2006, Southeast Uplift of Portland Oregon approached Portland State University Mapping Community Assets Senior Capstone class with a proposed project. They asked the class to explore the community connections and assets in southeast Portland, and, specifically in the Montavilla Neighborhood. They were interested in the community organizations that might exist in the area and the way these organizations interacted with each other and the community as a whole. The class goal was to come up with a tool that could be used in the other southeast neighborhoods based on the research and experience in Montavilla.


Senior Capstone Instructor: Meg Merrick, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University.

Additional authors: Eva Tam, Joe Rhodes, Juan Orozco, Kate Christner, Kola Owoeye, Luis Murillo, Mélisa Kennedy, Mike Benoit, Mike Moran, Neil Garry, Paula Pierce.

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