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Spring 2009


Geographic information systems

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Prepared by Portland State University Senior Capstone Students


Multnomah County requested that the Summer 2009 Asset Mapping Capstone Group gather data relating to the proximity of tobacco advertising to Portland Public Schools. The group’s underlying objective was to create an accurate data set that may be used by Multnomah County public health officials to assess the possible effects of tobacco advertising on school-aged children with an eye to influencing policy. The data set was created using a number of tools in conjunction with primary data retrieved from field observation; great care was taken to ensure accuracy and objectivity. The findings, which may be used to inform future research, highlight clear trends in tobacco advertising near Portland public schools.


Senior Capstone Instructor: Meg Merrick, Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University.

Additional authors: Chris Rowlette, Erin Smith, Madelyn Tobin-Shubin, Kimie Ueoka, Bridger Wineman, Jason Wray, Lowell Anthony, Carine Arendes, Mona Banki, Josh Brockway, Joe Chan, Solomon Collins, Megan Dillon, Joel Hanson, Sarah Hedberg, Aaron Miller, Mark Millhouse, Janine Namgung, John Platt, Don Ryan, and Yertai Tanai.

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