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Table of Contents:

  • Social and Political Transformations in the Middle East by Umit Kurt and Oguz Alyanak
  • The Political Economy of Turkey’s Response to the Arab Spring by Altay Atli
  • Footsteps of Revolution in the Land of Queen Sheba by Bezen Balamir Coskun
  • Two Sides of the Same Coin; Conflicting Views of Islamism in Pakistan by Jeanette Bailey
  • Egypt and the "Arab Spring": Notes on Facts and Challenges by Moises Garduño García
  • The Arab Spring and the Turkish Model by Alper Y. Dede
  • Will Geopolitics Split Along Sectarian Lines in the Middle East? Witnessing the Rise of a Sectarian Speech Amidst War of Perceptions by Camille Germanos
  • Turkey as a Model Democracy? Revisiting the Turkish Referendum by Umit Kurt and Oguz Alyanak
  • Academic tourists sight-seeing the Arab Spring by Mona Abaza
  • Review of ‘Islam: To Reform or to Subvert’ by Mohammed Arkoun (Saqi Books, 2006) by Imranali Panjwani

Publication Date

Fall 2011


International and Area Studies | Sociology

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Sociology of Islam & Muslim Societies, Newsletter No. 7