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Working Paper

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Educational philosophy, Holistic education, Sustainable development -- Study and teaching


We live in a world that tends to be controlled by corporations. The public school system should be wary of the problems that corporate control has on education. Even though public schools should not have corporate influence, the fact remains that they do, and this perpetuates Freire's banking style learning. Through time, the corporate influence in education was through educational materials such as book sales. Since the decline of the use of books and the growth of the use of technologies, corporations have followed suit through the sales of Adaptive Learning Platforms. Through leveraging the technology which students enjoy using, corporate control remains intact. Unfortunately, the use of technology in this way moves students away from creating a more sustainable world. As sustainability educators, we can leverage technology in a way that improves the connection to peers and nature while fostering student activism.


Faculty advisor: Dilafruz Williams