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Pollution prevention, Waste minimization -- North Carolina, Refuse and refuse disposal -- North Carolina, Technology transfer


Research Triangle Institute (RTI) conducted this study to provide the foundation for implementing a results-based performance measurement system. RTI designed a system for NC OWR and similar state waste reduction outreach programs in EPA’s Region 4 that will collect, analyze, report, and maintain the output-based performance measures needed to manage the system, to monitor program scope and effectiveness, and to report to managers and key stakeholders on the program’s success in accomplishing its 0bjectives. Key questions we have addressed in this study include the following:

What is the current best practice for collecting and analyzing information about the effectiveness of waste reduction and pollution prevention technology deployment? Who are the key users of the evaluation system? What are their information needs? What are the key sources of information for the evaluation system? What information do they provide? Given the sources and uses of data, what are the key variables for the system? Which variables already exist, and which need to be defined and constructed? At what levels are they measured and over what time frames? What methods should be employed to convert raw data into usable information, including performance metrics? How will database users access the system?

This report summarizes the study and describes the database system that we developed to assist the NC OWR and other waste reduction offices in Region 4 in tracking and evaluating their efforts.


RTI Project No. 6143. Final report

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