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Portland Metropolitan Area (Or.) -- Population, Oregon -- Population -- Statistics, Oregon -- Emigration and immigration -- Economic aspects, Population forecasting -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area


In this article, we will explore population characteristics in different parts of the Portland MSA using Census Public Use Microsample (PUMS) data from 2005-2007. For the spatial component, we will use a Census-defined small area geography called Public Use Microsample Area (PUMA), designed to follow existing county boundaries and contain around 100,000 people. (The Census reports the one-year and three-year ACS data only to the detail of this geography in order to maintain the privacy of survey respondents and to improve the precision of the estimates.)

We will sometimes focus on a couple of example PUMAs to show the interesting differences within the region. (The information shown is available for all PUMAs in this case, but for the sake of space, we will Population Characteristics within the PortlandVancouver MSA Webb Sprague, Emily Picha, Sheila Martin Institute of Metropolitan Studies, PSU May 2010 just focus on a few.)


Appeared in Metropolitan Knowledge Network, a production of the Institute of Metropolitan Studies and the Population Research Center at Portland State University.

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