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Cartography -- Social aspects, Regional planning -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area, Portland Metropolitan Area -- Population -- Maps


This report explores the strengths and weaknesses of two significant regional indicator projects for the Portland‐Vancouver metropolitan area. Specifically, this paper focuses on the measurement of equity conditions at a regional scale. In 2003, the Coalition for a Livable Future (CLF), in partnership with Portland State University (PSU), launched the nation's first regional equity atlas endeavor that pushed the notion of equity to the forefront of regional discourse. Defined primarily in terms of access to opportunities, especially in spatial terms, the atlas took advantage of the analytical capabilities and graphic power of mapping and maps to convey its findings. Published in 2007, the Regional Equity Atlas was intended to provide a baseline measure that would be updated overtime. With the release of the 2010 Census, CLF began to explore new approaches for the 2.0 version of its Equity Atlas.


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