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Winter 2009


Charity organization -- Oregon, Charitable giving -- Oregon, Investments -- Moral and ethical aspects, Socially responsible investments -- Portland Metropolitan Area, Social Venture Partners, Mackenzie River Gathering Foundation


As the global economy spirals into the unknown, fiscal certainty remains hard to come by in the region, especially when it comes to issues of social justice and support for the underprivileged. It’s hard to hear marginalized communities over the din of big banks and corporate CEOs. Increasingly, philanthropic organizations are being relied upon to fill the gap between having and needing, but can we expect philanthropy to thrive given predictions of darkening financial gloom? Vivek Shandas recently sat down with the principals from two local foundations outside the mainstream to learn about their strategies for success. Marjory Hamman is Executive Director of the Mackenzie River Gathering Foundation (MRG), a community- supported foundation that funds work on social, environmental, and economic justice in Oregon.


Originally appeared in the Winter 2009 edition of Metroscape, published by the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, Portland State University.

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