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Labor supply -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area, Economic conditions -- Oregon -- Portland Metropolitan Area


After three years of a sluggish national economy, it looks as if we may be poised to grow again. Although the Portland economy benefited mightily from the boom of the 19905, it was harder hit than the nation as ? whole during the 2001 recession and the "job-loss" recovery that followed. What is the outlook for growth in the region in the years ahead? In particular, how will our labor market influence growth opportunities? This article examines changes in national and local labor markets and the role of migration in shaping Portland's economic opportunities. It identifies some key challenges and discusses the relationship between labor markets, local industrial structure, and the region's quality of life.


The Metropolitan briefing book was developed to provide elected and appointed leaders in the six counties with information about issues and trends common to all corners of the region. This article appeared in the Metropolitan Briefing Book 2005, and is presented by the Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies, College of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State University.

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